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Electrical Engineering


We have over 25 years of experience working with customers to design, develop, verify and validate electronic controls. We use best-in-class SPICE simulation and circuit design software that gives our engineers advanced analysis and design capabilities to optimize performance, reduce design errors, and shorten time to prototype. These tools result in saved printed circuit board (PCB) iterations and significant cost savings.


If you plan to market your product in the EU, we have expertise in the testing requirements associated with self-certification of a CE marked product covered by the Machinery Directive.  In addition, should you require an e mark for automotive electronic sub-assemblies or components, we can guide you through the process or work directly with an authorized lab and the certification agency.


We provide you with a fully documented design that can include simulation results, schematics, electronics design checklist, PCB gerber and manufacturing files, test procedures and more.  In addition, once your product has been launched we can provide sustaining engineering services to minimize product delivery disruption and continuously improve your product while simultaneously working to reduce costs.



Software Engineering


We specialize in efficient code development for microcontrollers -  from simple HMI interfaces to complex phase compensation algorithms in closed loop controllers.  All of our code is fully documented so that even the most sophisticated code can be easily understood by the people in your organization who need to understand it without wasting a lot of time and money.


Embedded Controls
Analog Electronics
Digital Electronics
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