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Highly Engineered Products and Mechanical Design Services


With over 30 years of experience in mechanical engineering design and new product development, DEWEL has worked with companies from a variety of industries designing products using castings and machined components as well as molded plastics, weldments and sheet metal parts. Our engineers also have expertise in 3D CAD modeling, GD&T and dynamic system simulation. Using a variety of CAD tools, we're well-equipped to handle industrial and consumer product engineering from start to finish. 


We use our 3D CAD tools and rapid prototyping to allow clients to review initial drafts of their parts before manufacturing, ensuring they always receive designs that fulfill their needs.  Additionally, we use our CAD technology to produce 2D detail and assembly drawings along with detailed bill of materials. If written instructions are required, we can provide you with manufacturing and assembly instructions that meet ISO 9001 requirements.


We also offer production tooling and work holding fixture design for manufacturing and assembly processes. We can also perform sustaining engineering on any existing part or assembly, saving customers money over complete redesign.


We pride ourselves on offering quality product design and analysis services. To learn how we can accommodate you, please contact DEWEL today.


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