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Hydraulic Manifold and Hydraulic Control System Designs


We've been working in the hydraulic industry and designing control systems since 1978. Just a few product design examples include:

  • servovalves with LVDT spool positon feedback

  • cylinder with integrated magnetostrictive position feedback

  • steel mill gauge control system

  • lumber mill control system

  • earthquake simulator control system

  • electrohydraulic pressure control valves

  • ABS valves


We make use of advanced CAD tools to rapidly create control systems that can be computer modeled and simulated.  This gives us an idea of what the system will look like and how it is expected to perform well before the first component is purchased or the first chip is cut. We can quickly go through several design iterations without the cost associated with building complex prototypes or investing in expensive tooling.  If desired, we can then use rapid prototyping to get you a physical model of the component or system prior to the initial prototype units being built and tested.

6 DOF Motion Test Stand
Steel Mill Gauge Control System
Earthquake Simulator Control System
Saw Mill Carriage Control System
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