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DEWEL has extensive experience and expertise in electrohyraulic systems and controls.  Our projects make use of this experience along with state-of-the-art MCAD and ECAD software to provide solutions and documentation that exceeds our customers' expectations.
Embedded Pressure Controller
PIC microcontroller based valve controller with membrane switches


Grain producers use grain bag storage systems to store grain in bags instead of silos. The grain bag loaders require brake systems for two functions. First, braking is required during highway transport of the Grain Bag Loader. Second, brakes are required during the loading operation. The customer recognized that both braking functions can be created with the use of an electric-over-hydraulic (EOH) braking system and an additional pressure control manifold with an embedded pressure controller.  We developed the embedded controller making use of a PIC microcontroller, high-side drivers and membrane switches with a 7-segment LED display for the HMI.

Surge Brake Simulator
Sustaining Engineering


Our customer needed to have one of their existing products redesigned to make use of lower cost electronic components and integrated into a suitable enclosure to protect the PCB assembly from the outside environment. We redesigned the circuit using low cost surface mount and through hole components and redesigned the printed circuit board. Prototypes were built, tested and delivered along with a complete documentation package for the production builds.


Motor Speed Controller
for AGCO Sprayers


We received a request to produce a motor speed controller that is used on AGCO sprayers. The motor speed is controlled with either manual inputs from the membrane switch in manual mode or from a PWM signal sent from the machine controls in automatic mode. These inputs are used with an embedded microcontroller to regulate speed of a motor driven pump which provides liquid flow control from the sprayer.   This product is manufactured by DEWEL exclusively for AGCO.

Ford/Chevy Brake Patch
Product Redesign


We redesigned the product to improve its immunity to voltage transients.  We redesigned the circuitry and created a low cost housing solution that protected the printed circuit board assembly from the environment.

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